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Meet Linzi Wann

LINZI WANN, LLC was founded by Alonzo Jarrett in 2010. The company is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. LINZI WANN Jewelry is a unique online retailer offering bold and distinctive jewelry. The jewelry line uses genuine material, colorful precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, sterling silver and gold. The designs are clean and simple, yet eye catching.

LINZI WANN Jewelry introduces LINZI MAVA and LINZI SPORTZ jewelry lines.

LINZI MAVA is a fine jewelry line for our PLUS SIZE clientele. It combines colorful semi-precious stones in sterling silver or gold settings. The designs are bold and distinct. Feel comfortable wearing jewelry designed specifically for our PLUS SIZE clientele.

LINZI SPORTZ is a fine jewelry line offering jewelry in your favorite team’s colors. Beautifully mounted semi-precious stones set in sterling silver boast of your favorite team. Professional, collegiate or high school football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer or race car have their own colors.

CHARITABLE GIVING – LINZI WANN, LLC Scholarship Award was established in 2011 to focus on the company’s charitable activities by creating an annual scholarship for students from inner Chattanooga, Tennessee to attend Middle Tennessee State University.

We show a special appreciation for students’ commitment to academic excellence, community involvement and demonstrated leadership skills. Moreover, it is sensitive to the financial needs of students.

The Scholarship Award allows us to fulfil our role as stewards of the community and establishes a tradition that may be followed for generations to come.

We are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, as serving our clientele and ensuring happiness with our products is our top priority. We would be honored if you would provide a review for us by clicking the BBB icon.